Safeguarding social relevance for the future

In view of the overwhelming success of the charity lotteries that use Novamedia formats in the Netherlands and abroad, and the major social relevance resulting from this, we think that it is essential to safeguard the social role of Novamedia for the future.

It would not be wise for Novamedia shares to be able to fall into the hands of third parties such as foreign investors or commercial gambling companies. Novamedia’s vision and mission (the world benefits from strong social organisations; we raise funds for these organisations and raise awareness of their work) might then be lost.

In 2008, that insight led to the decision that it would not be desirable to let Novamedia shares remain in private hands after the death or retirement of the current shareholders and founders. It would be better if Novamedia, and the lotteries, ended up in the hands of a General Interest (Algemeen Belang) foundation. This became the Novamedia Foundation Trust.

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