JV NPL Boeren

Novamedia is constantly in dialogue with local charities, authorities and other interested parties in various countries with a view to setting up a postcode lottery to raise funds for charities. Experiences with Sweden and Great Britain have shown that investments of tens of millions of euros are needed to set up a successful charity lottery (the total investments were €28 million in Sweden and €61 million in Great Britain).

In 2018 a license was granted in Norway, enabling to start a Postcode Lottery there. At least 50 per cent of the proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages and the WWF after deducting prizes. The license is granted for nine years with a limit of 125,000 subscriptions. In Germany at the end of 2015, permit was granted to the non-profit organisation Postcode Lotterie DT gGmbH, which was established by Novamedia. The German Postcode Lottery can only raise funds in accordance with strict conditions. A minimum of 30% of the funds raised are earmarked for local German charities, and there is a high lottery tax level.

In Germany, Novamedia had already secured a permit in a number of federal states in 2000 together with German charities. At the time the Postcode Lottery was launched, a new law came into force making it impossible to actually get off the ground. The entire investment of 5 million guilders was lost then.

Novamedia was also active for a number of years in Uzbekistan, with the Ecolot brand. However, at the time, Uzbekistan had no postcode system with which our lottery model could work. After some years, tension developed between Ecolot and the government that mainly resulted from the lack of freedom (of opinion). For that reason, Novamedia decided to temporarily suspend Ecolot until circumstances would allow a good charity lottery to be implemented well. Again the investment was largely lost owing to this.

Novamedia is also active in media and publishing – our second big love. In 2014, publishing house Nieuw Amsterdam/Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam, Podium, Uitgeverij Wereldbibliotheek, Uitgeverij Bas Lubberhuizen and Fontaine Uitgevers, and the bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam were added to this division. Publishing house Fontaine Uitgevers was added in 2015. Publishing house Podium was added in 2019.

Furthermore, in 1990 (the year in which it started) Novamedia was one of the co-founders and owners of Independent Media, the successful Russian publisher of newspapers and magazines, which, with Derk Sauer at the helm, developed into the second biggest publishing company in Russia. In 2005, Independent Media was sold to the Sanoma publishing company.