Actor and environmental activist special guest on Postcode Lottery charity gala
At the annual event at which the Dutch Postcode Lottery donated a total of 357.5 million euro to more than 100 charitable organisations, Leonardo DiCaprio spoke as special guest. He spoke on behalf of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which he established in 1998. In his speech, he expressed his concern regarding the irreversible effects that greed and indifference are having on our planet. It was his awareness of this that led him to establish his foundation, with which he wants to work on a solution to turn the tide and to motivate as many people as possible. DiCaprio: "If we can replicate more innovative models like the Dutch Postcode Lottery that raise far more resources for the people on the ground making a real, tangible difference we stand a chance at turning the tide and protecting this beautiful planet.”

After his speech, DiCaprio was surprised to be presented with a cheque for €900,000 for his organisation. With this contribution, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation can work worldwide on a healthy climate, protecting endangered species, and restoring ecosystems.

International ambassador for the Postcode Lottery
Leonardo DiCaprio is also active as an international ambassador for the Postcode Lottery. He joins people as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, George Clooney, Desmond Tutu and Rafael Nadal in supporting the Lottery's mission for a green, fair world. “It’s an honor to be partnering with an organization that shares my foundation’s values and sees the deep connection between protecting the environment and ensuring the well-being of people and our very future. Not only does the Postcode Lottery acknowledge this important link, they are raising an astounding amount of resources for many of the best organizations working on complex environmental and humanitarian issues worldwide.”, says Leonardo DiCaprio.