The Dutch Postcode Lottery will distribute a record €284 million this year to 85 charitable organisations. The Netherlands' largest charity lottery announced the figure today at its annual Goed Geld Gala, held this year in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Thanks in part to the Postcode Lottery's 2.5 million players, the charities will be able to continue their important work and launch new projects. Half the price of every lottery ticket goes directly to charities working in the areas of development cooperation, human rights, nature conservation, the environment, and social cohesion in the Netherlands.

New and existing beneficiaries
The Postcode Lottery’s increased revenues in 2011 allow it to support more charities than before and to help get new projects off the ground. In addition to the lottery's 81 existing multiyear beneficiaries, four new organisations can look forward to multiyear funding: CARE Nederland, IKV Pax Christi, the Marine Stewardship Council and the Hunger Project.

And nine more organisations, including WOMEN Inc. and Stichting De Noordzee, can count on one-time financing. In addition, 19 existing beneficiaries will receive extra contributions for special projects. For instance, Rutgers WPF will receive €1,975,024 for its Lovebuzz! project to encourage the discussion of sexuality at 300 secondary schools in the Netherlands. And IVN Natuur- en milieueducatie and the Oranje Fonds will receive €2,259,000 for Groen Dichtbij, a project that will bring together street and neighbourhood residents by putting them to work as a team to make their surroundings greener.

Two Dream Projects honoured
The Postcode Lottery's Dream Fund gives charitable organisations an opportunity to realise courageous, groundbreaking new projects. Natuurmonumenten and Oxfam Novib received good news at this year’s Goed Geld Gala: the Dream Fund will be making their dream projects come true.

Natuurmonumenten and the Marker Wadden: restoration of the Markermeer – €15 million
With a €15 million contribution from the Dream Fund, Natuurmonumenten will begin restoration of the Markermeer, one of Europe’s largest freshwater lakes. Sediment will be removed from the lake, and a shallow area with islands and wetlands will be developed on the lake’s northern edge, creating a large nature reserve, the Marker Wadden. Natuurmonumenten will use the silt to build the nature reserve. This approach has never been used on such a large scale anywhere in the world. Along with the nature reserve and the accompanying recreational opportunities, the project will generate employment and increased knowledge of innovative hydraulic engineering.

Oxfam Novib and Internet Now!: affordable solar-powered Internet service for 100 Ugandan villages – €7,047,817
Oxfam Novib will use its Dream Fund contribution of €7,047,817 to set up a telecom company in northern Uganda. It will supply 100 villages in remote areas with affordable Internet service in an innovative, energy-saving way. Internet access increases knowledge and employment. This model has the potential to be rolled out in other areas.