Chelsea Clinton joined 500 guests at People’s Postcode Lottery’s Charity Gala to celebrate the tremendous £10,200,000 players of the lottery have generated for good causes in 2013. The evening event was held at the historic National Museum of Scotland and also saw over £1,000,000 in new funding being awarded to a range of charities and good causes. These included the Clinton Foundation, Canal & River Trust, Missing People, Glasgow Bike Centre and The Mayhew Animal Home.

Over the course of 2013, People’s Postcode Lottery grew by an incredible 61%. To date, players of the Lottery have helped support 1,166 charities grass roots organisations and other good causes to the tune of £35,600,000.


In her keynote address to the Charity Gala, Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, said:

"Thank you to the players of People's Postcode Lottery for their support." She went on to add that organisations like People's Postcode Lottery represent just "how valuable collective action can be" and that "we couldn't do what we do without you."

Reflecting on the fact that this is the first year international good causes are being supported by players, Chelsea said "We at the Clinton Foundation are honoured to be part of the first class."

When discussing the ethos of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea stated that "if we think we can make a difference we should at least try" and that she is "incredibly proud of what my father has built and my mother and I are now happy to call home."

The £500,000 in funding the Clinton Foundation received in support from players of the Lottery will be targeted towards the Anchor Farm project in Malawi. Chelsea explained that "since our programme began, farmers in Malawi have increased their profits by 500%" helping to lift them and their families out of poverty.

The event was also an opportunity to announce the winners of Dream Fund 2014, which offers organisations the opportunity to apply for up to £250,000 to bring their dream project to life. First up to collect their cheque for £225,000 was the Child Rescue Project quickly followed by the Play on Wheels which was awarded £231,957. This is the largest single amount that any Dream Fund project has ever received.

The Glasgow based ‘Play on Wheels’ project has been developed by a number of charitable organisations and is the first of its kind in Britain. Coinciding with the Commonwealth Games, this project will enable 7,000 children across Glasgow to take part in cycling training and give them access to bikes on a regular basis.

The ‘Child Rescue Project’ which is spearheaded by Missing People and PACT is a ground-breaking enterprise, assisting efforts to help prevent child abduction and raise awareness of cases across Britain. Using state-of-the-art technology, this project could alert millions of people to new cases of missing children within hours.

Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery said:

“We are very excited to announce the winners of this year’s Dream Fund. Both projects will make a major contribution to society and I am delighted that our players are able to bring such innovative ideas to life.”

The Mayhew Animal Home in London was also announced as the winning local charity as chosen by voters of the Vote that Counts campaign. Vote that Counts launched in September 2013 and achieved 83,000 votes in from members of British public. The campaign saw nine charities compete for £50,000 in support and animal charity, PDSA, walked away with the grand prize. As part of this, Voters were encouraged to nominate their own local charity for a £10,000 prize and The Mayhew Animal Home was the lucky winner, proving that we really are a nation of animal lovers.

And finally, Canal & River Trust this year scooped the surprise award of Charity of the Year. The Trust had a fantastic year and in particular in April of 2013 managed to secure tremendous media coverage and public awareness of their project to save Britain’s hedgerows. Richard Perry, Chief Executive of Canal & River Trust, was on hand to collect the cheque for £50,000.

Richard Parry, Chief Executive of Canal and River Trust, was on hand to collect the cheque for £50,000 and said:

"We are so grateful to the players of People's Postcode Lottery for their support. The gala was an excellent evening, but this surprise award has made it simple amazing and will really be a tremendous boost to our efforts in 2014. A massive thank you to everyone involved."