As of 1 June 2020, Michiel Verboven has been appointed a member of the Executive Board of Novamedia, and Director of the Dutch Charity Lotteries (Postcode Lottery, BankGiro Lottery, FriendsLottery).

 This appointment will bring the Board - currently comprising Sigrid van Aken (chair), Boudewijn Poelmann and Imme Rog - back to four members. Social enterprise Novamedia bases its work on its mission to contribute to a better world. It does this by raising funds in the Netherlands and abroad through setting up and organising Postcode Lotteries.

Sigrid van Aken: “We are delighted at the appointment of Michiel and the strengthening of the top management of our organisation. Michiel has been working for our Lotteries in the Netherlands for 18 years, and for the last seven years as Managing Director. He is a quick thinker whose broad knowledge and experience make him a valuable addition to this position in our organisation. Especially now that the world is suffering from a pandemic that affects the most vulnerable in society, we are focusing on further strengthening Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries. In this way, we can achieve our dreams and ambitions for the greatest possible contribution to society in as many places as possible in the world.”

Michiel Verboven about his step: “Novamedia has grown strongly in recent years and has now set up Postcode Lotteries in five countries. I am inspired by its ambitious, entrepreneurial approach to making the world more beautiful, and I am happy to commit myself to that. I look forward to working on this mission with all my enthusiastic colleagues.”

Michiel Verboven
After Haarlem Business School in the Netherlands, Michiel Verboven (1976) joined Endemol in 2000 as an account manager. It was there that he also got to know the Lotteries, where he started working as a Marketing Employee for the Sponsor Bingo Lottery (now the FriendsLottery) in 2002. This was followed by the posts of Head of Marketing for the Sponsor Bingo Lottery in 2007 and, three years later, Head of Marketing & Internet for the Dutch Postcode Lottery. In 2013, he swapped this position for that of Managing Director of the Charity Lotteries until his appointment to the Executive Board in June 2020. As chairman of the Managing Directors, he has been responsible for the Dataservices/IT departments and the marketing departments. Making and keeping the Lotteries future-proof is one of his most important tasks, and an intrinsic motivation.