The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on charities and NGOs. At the same time, there are an impressive and heartening number of initiatives to support and encourage that focus on helping those in need.

We are proud to experience that our players - over 12 million in total - are very loyal and continue to support the hundreds of charities through our lottery fundraising mechanism. Our philosophy of unrestricted, core funding, proofs its worth, especially now. Beside this, we have looked into ways to help extra under the current circumstances, both in charitable donations as well as through our player base and in prizes. Extra donations have been made to the Feed Banks, support for vulnerable children in difficult home situations, for homeless and elderly people, for victims of domestic violence and for some COVID-19 prevention programs in refugee camps.

Sigrid van Aken, CEO Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries: “Our thoughts go out to all the people in COVID-19 emergency need and to all those working in the frontline to prevent the pandemic to spread further. Thanks to our players the Postcode Lotteries can be of continuous support for all those men and women working hard to protect the weakest in our societies.”

All charity proceeds over 2019 have been wired this March so our beneficiaries have means to act according to the current needs in these challenging times.

Last years' annual report has recently been published: 2019 was a good year for our group of charity lotteries. Our tickets sales led to 1,9 billion euros, of which 799 million was distributed among over 900 charities and thousands of projects. Our winners have shared 681 million euros in prizes with their neighbours. With the 2019 figures added, we reached the milestone of 10 billion euros for charities, since the start of the first Postcode Lottery in 1989. For specific information, please check the websites of our lotteries.