Audax Group today announces the acquisition of online bookstore BookSpot. BookSpot, with its in-depth e-commerce expertise and large collection of Dutch and English books, e-books, music, films and series and games is a valuable addition to the Audax Group. Not just the established e-commerce platform, but also the experienced people of BookSpot will enable Audax to accelerate its e-commerce ambitions for both its own physical stores and those of its franchisees. BookSpot will remain active under the current name.

BookSpot delivers 650,000 products annually to 200,000 customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Audax will deploy the platform widely, transforming it into an online point of sale for the various Audax retail formulas.

Casper de Nooijer, CEO of Audax Group: “With the acquisition of BookSpot we can expand our e-commerce activities with a powerful platform. In this way we can further support our companies and franchisees and optimally service consumers through all channels. ”

Boudewijn Poelmann, board member Novamedia, owner of BookSpot: “BookSpot originated from the book club ECI and has developed in recent years into a growing online bookstore with a technical and commercial state of the art e-commerce platform. With Amazon's arrival on the Dutch market, BookSpot is a better fit for Audax Group, which has over a thousand physical outlets, than as a stand-alone. Under the wings of Audax, BookSpot can now count on the support of all stores, which is invaluable in the current retail climate. With the book branch of Novamedia we can continue to focus on expanding our publishing group that currently consists of New Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam), World Library (Wereldbibliotheek), Podium, Bas Lubberhuizen and Fontaine; and on the further development of the Scheltema bookstore in Amsterdam. All this as part of our mission to promote the pleasure of reading and books.”