The Amsterdam branch of Polare on the Koningsplein, previously better known as Scheltema, is to return under its old name. Novamedia is acquiring the shop from the estate of the recently bankrupt chain.

Gretske de Jong, the Amsterdam branch manager, is pleased with the development. "We're looking forward to being able to devote all of our energy to the shop again. The news has been received here with enthusiasm. We’re grateful that after a period of uncertainty we can once again focus on our work and on providing the quality and expertise that the people of Amsterdam have come to expect of us. It’s great that Novamedia has become the new owner.”

Novamedia bases its work on the vision that the world benefits from strong social organisations and well-informed citizens. After the recent acquisition and merger of Nieuw Amsterdam/Wereldbibliotheek and ECI (a publishing company, a web shop and a book club) the Scheltema bookshop is now being added.

“We've always loved media and the book business,” says Martijn van Klaveren, Novamedia’s communications manager. “Here is a great opportunity to share this love with all of the people who have missed the faithful old Scheltema. What’s more, this branch has continued to run well in spite of all the circumstances thanks to highly motivated employees. It’s very good for Novamedia’s media/publishing arm to be associated with a triple-A shop like Scheltema. The Scheltema book shop and the ECI book club put us in direct contact with the customer and when you add the two publishing companies, you couldn’t hope for a better partnership.”

Photo: Happy employees of bookshop Scheltema in Amsterdam that was reopened on Wednesday are unpacking the first delivery of new books. Roy Beusker Photography, credits Margot de Heide