From 1 January 2015, ECI will be the new partner of the Annual Literature Prize for Fiction and Non-fiction Foundation (Stichting Jaarlijkse Literatuurprijs voor Fictie en Non-fictie). From then on, the AKO Literature Prize will be known as the ECI Literature Prize. The prize will continue to be worth €50,000.

ECI, the online bookshop for booklovers, is delighted to be able to lend its name to the most prestigious literature prize in the Netherlands. For this reason, nothing will change in the way the prize operates. It is ECI’s ambition to bring the nominated books to the attention of a broader public. “The Foundation has more than 28 years’ experience in selecting fine, literary stories and ECI can then bring these books to the attention of booklovers,” says Josja Zijlstra, Managing Director of ECI.

The Foundation also sees many opportunities in the new partnership for achieving its mission. “After many years of fruitful collaboration with AKO, the Foundation is looking towards a new period with ECI. The Foundation is looking forward to this partnership and regards ECI as the ideal partner for achieving its mission: to stimulate interest in and love for Dutch books,” says Winnie Sorgdrager, chair of the foundation.

Active involvement of ECI members
In the years to come, ECI and the Foundation will work towards bringing the nominated books and the winning book in particular to the attention of a broad public. In the future, there will probably be a public prize too. The partnership with the Foundation matches ECI’s ambition to become the leading online bookshop in the Netherlands in which the love of books takes centre stage. Apart from their 20% club discount, ECI members will also enjoy all sorts of other benefits such as meeting authors, attending the ECI Literature Prize award and involvement in the public prize.

About the AKO Literature Prize
The AKO Literature Prize is the award for the best literary work in the Dutch language in the categories of fiction and non-fiction. The AKO Literature Prize, which consists of an amount of €50,000, is awarded annually by a jury of professional reviewers from the Netherlands and Flanders. The books must have been published between 1 July in the year in which the prize is awarded and 1 July of the previous year.

About the Annual Literature Prize for Fiction and Non-fiction Foundation
The aim of the Annual Literature Prize for Fiction and Non-fiction Foundation is to encourage Dutch literature by appointing an independent jury and awarding a prize. Winnie Sorgdrager, member of the Dutch Council of State, is chair of the Foundation.

About ECI
ECI was founded in 1967 to stimulate reading in the Netherlands. In 2014, with the help of Novamedia, ECI restarted following bankruptcy. Since then, it has been ECI’s ambition to become the leading online bookshop for booklovers in which members get a 20% club discount on more than 30,000 titles in addition to other benefits. ECI is a book club and is the only organisation in the Netherlands entitled to give discounts on books.

About Novamedia
Novamedia is a media and marketing organisation with a social mission. Novamedia believes that the world benefits from strong social organisations and well-informed citizens. It is the creator and owner of various brands and lottery formats, including the Dutch Postcode Lottery and has now set up Postcode lotteries in Sweden and Great Britain. Up to and including 2013, Novamedia’s lottery formats have raised a total of €6.1 billion for thousands of good causes and social initiatives worldwide. Since December 2013, Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries has been the second biggest private donor in the world on a yearly basis after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In addition to this, Novamedia undertakes activities in the field of media and publishing in order to directly contribute to a well-informed citizenry. Novamedia has always been active through new and traditional media. It is the owner of ECI, Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam/Wereldbibliotheek and Boekhandel Scheltema in Amsterdam.