Winning and supporting society together – the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie launches throughout Germany

The Deutsche Postcode Lottery launches on Thursday 28 July across Germany, allowing neighbours to win prizes together whilst supporting charities local to them. The lottery awards 30% from every ticket sold to good causes, supporting projects which focus on education, social cohesion, human rights and environmental conservation across all federal states.

The lottery has created Germany’s first ever ‘Postcode’ system, allowing players to play and win with their neighbours. Postcodes consist of an area code and two letters which indicate the street name. This is supplemented by an individual, three-figure lottery number. The lottery is subscription based, with players able to sign up online or by telephone with the first draws scheduled to take place in October.

“Generating gifts for good causes that benefit people and the planet is written in the DNA of the Postcode Lottery. We created the first Postcode Lottery 27 years ago because we believe that gifting should go from strength to strength, just like a tree producing new apples each season. We believe that social organisations are indispensable in terms of supporting social change. We support projects that stimulate this in the long term. I’m both excited and proud that in Germany we will now be trying to build on our successes in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Sweden,” explains Annemiek Hoogenboom, who serves as co-director of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, together with Eva Struving.

Winning and helping together – with your postcode
Unlike traditional lotteries, players of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie stand to win alongside their neighbours if they also play. This principle is outlined in a short video:

The lottery numbers of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie consist of a postcode combined with a three-figure lottery number.

Every Friday, the winning postcodes are announced for the daily prizes of the week ahead, with all players in each winning postcode winning a set prize per ticket. All of the players who possess one or more tickets for the postcode drawn at that moment win. Players over the age of 18 can join with a maximum of three monthly lots. As the Lottery evolves and more players sign up, the prizes will increase. As only playing postcodes are in the draw, there is always a guaranteed winner. On the last Friday of each month, the €500,000 ‘Postcode of the Month’ prize is announced, with half of the top prize going to the full winning postcode, and the other half shared between all players in the district with the winning figure combination (Postleitzahl). Players can register 24 hours a day via

An advisory committee chaired by former chairperson of the Bundestag, Rita Süssmuth, decides which projects receive support
30 percent of the money raised by players of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie will go to projects in the neighbourhood where the players live. The more players there are, the more money will be raised for charitable projects in their region. An independent advisory committee headed up by Rita Süssmuth decides which projects receive support: “I fully support the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie. The fantastic thing about this concept is that the focus is on winning and helping together,” says Rita Süssmuth. “Additionally, together with the advisory committee, I look forward to contributing towards supporting important social and environmental issues that significantly affect people in relation to the projects we select.”

The other members of the advisory committee are Peter Clever (board member of the Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Welle), Julia Kloiber (project manager at the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.), Thomas Fischer (head of the department of general and social policy of the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) and Esra Küçük (managing director of the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin).
In general, long-term financial support is awarded to projects run by organisations that provide ongoing support for stimulating social objectives. You will find a number of examples of the first pre-financed projects at

Prominent ambassadors include Bill Clinton, George Clooney and Desmond Tutu
For many years, the Postcode Lotteries have been supported by prominent ambassadors throughout the world, including former president of the United States Bill Clinton, tennis player Rafael Nadal, actor and human rights activist George Clooney, and Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and former Archbishop of South Africa. The process to recruit ambassadors at Deutsche Postcode Lotterie has already begun.

About the Postcode Lottery
The Dutch Postcode Lottery was established in 1989 by Novamedia in the Netherlands with the aim of creating a fairer and greener world, by creating widespread public awareness for the work carried out by good causes and charitable organisations. In 2005, Novamedia established the ‘Svenska PostkodLotteriet’ in Sweden and in 2005 ‘People’s Postcode Lottery’ in Great Britain. Establishing the ‘Deutsche Postcode Lotterie’ will bring the number of Postcode Lotteries in Europe to four.
In 2015, the charity lotteries awarded a total of € 613 million to good causes. Each year, the amount gifted to good causes from ticket sales has increased.
To date, the Postcode Lotteries have supported more than 344 good causes benefiting society, nature conservation, human rights and culture worldwide to the tune of more than € 7.2 billion – thanks to the players.

After the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust (named after its founder Henry Wellcome), the Postcode Lotteries donates the most money to good causes and is the third largest private charity donor in the world (as per City AM).

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