Together we try and make it through this tough time. The consequences of the virus and the necessary measures are tangible. The situation is an unprecedented challenge to our flexibility, good spirit and social involvement. We feel deep sympathy for those affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It goes without saying that Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries responds, flexes and anticipates accordingly. Many of the lottery’s beneficiaries are very active and a lot of positive initiatives arise in society. It’s heartwarming to see the forces that this crisis sparks.

We share these heartwarming initiatives on our channels, telling the players this is also made possible thanks to their participation. Through unrestricted funding we enable, encourage and allow beneficiaries to put the funds where it’s needed most. We all will continue to work hard to be able to support civil society, also in these challenging times. Making sure to spread hope, optimism and provide entertainment for our players.

All our colleagues in The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Norway perform their work with unrelenting effort and enthusiasm from their homes. To contribute to a better world.

Each day we are called upon our good citizenship. Let’s try to emerge from this stronger than before.