SOS Children’s Villages and WWF will receive donations

The Postcode Lottery, one of the most successful charity lotteries in the world and the third largest private donor to charities in the world, is coming to Norway. SOS Children’s Villages and the World Wildlife Fund in Norway are delighted.

For years, the Postcode Lottery has tried to obtain permission to organise a Postcode Lottery in Norway, and now it has finally been granted. SOS Children’s Villages and the World Wildlife Fund hope that Norwegians will rush to secure the 125,000 available subscriptions to the Lottery.

‘These are welcome resources for these two organisations, and a fixed source of income that we have been awaiting for a long time. It’s a bit like the sports clubs and cultural institutions supported by the Norwegian state lottery Norsk Tipping. With the financial contribution of the Postcode Lottery, we want to focus on the core activities of these charitable organisations, namely offering a better life to children in difficulties, limiting climate change, and saving what remains of nature,’ says Bård Vegar Solhjell, CEO of the Norwegian WWF.

However, because the licence granted by the Lotteritilsynet (the Norwegian Gaming Authority) limits the turnover of the new lottery, only 125,000 subscriptions are available, and the sale is now in full swing via the website of the Norwegian Postcode Lottery.

Playing together for charity
At least 50 per cent of the proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages and the WWF after deducting prizes. The lottery does not entail any additional costs or economic risks for the organisations. 

‘Thanks to the Norwegian players in this lottery, we can give children a better life,’ says Bente Lier, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages in Norway.

The Postcode Lottery is looking forward to kicking off the adventure in Norway with these sound partners. 

‘The world will become a better place through strong social organisations; they are the drivers of change. Our mission is to provide these organisations and other charities with funding and to draw attention to their work. That is why we are so pleased that Lotteritilsynet has granted a licence to the WWF and SOS Children’s Villages, enabling the Norwegian Postcode Lottery to help raise money,’ says Roger Magnergård, who has been working for years as spokesman for the Postcode Lottery in Sweden. ‘We are taking our role as a supporter of such organisations in Norway and the rest of the world very seriously.’

Success in Sweden
Thanks to all its players, the Postcode Lottery in Norway’s Scandinavian neighbour Sweden has been a great success. Since 2005, the lottery has contributed to many social initiatives to an amount of SEK 9.4 Billion (more than €900 Million). In 2017 alone, the Lottery Postcode donated SEK 1.1 Billion (more than €105 Million) to a wide range of charities. Norwegian organisations have also been able to benefit from this. In recent years, they have received support from the Postcode Lottery, but via the Swedish foundation. Not only the two partners mentioned above have received financial support, but also the Nobel Peace Centre, the Strømme Foundation, the EAT Foundation and other organisations. With the introduction of the Norwegian Postcode Lottery, there will be even more opportunities to support charities in this country.