The Swedish Postcode Lottery (Svenska PostkodLotteriet) is donating SEK 945 million (107 million Euros) to the 40 beneficiaries the Lottery supports. Since the start in 2005, the Swedish Postcode Lottery has donated SEK 2.8 billion to the non-profit sector and paid out over SEK 4 billion to lottery ticket customers.

Yesterday the Swedish Postcode Lottery donated SEK 945 million to 40 beneficiaries, five of which are new: FUB (Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability), The Hunger Project, Star for Life, Tällberg Foundation and WaterAid.

In addition to the annual donations to the beneficiaries, SEK 60 million was distributed to seven special projects focusing on the environment, research, CSR, humanitarian work and rights issues.
SEK 60 million will be donated this year to human rights projects – an area the Swedish Postcode Lottery will be supporting in particular in 2012.

“The record donations are related to the number of lottery tickets we sell. We have gone from being a completely unknown lottery to selling over 1.6 million lottery tickets a month. This must be considered a clear indication that the people in Sweden appreciate what we do,” says the CEO of the Swedish Postcode Lottery, Niclas Kjellström-Matseke.

The Lottery’s total profits were SEK 948 million and the remaining three million will be placed in a fund for distribution in the future. The lottery donates its entire profits to charitable organisations and since the start in 2005 has distributed SEK 2.8 billion.

Svenska PostkodLotteriet and its sister lotteries in the Netherlands and the UK combined make up the world’s third largest private donor to charitable organisations. At the top of that list is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.