On 15 April, Petra Lubbers will start work as Managing Director Media at Novamedia. Petra will mainly focus on further expanding the online bookshop ECI, a subsidiary of Novamedia.

Petra Lubbers will be one of three media Managing Directors, together with Sandor Brouwer and Josja Zijlstra. Josja Zijlstra is chair of the three Managing Directors and will be responsible for the publishing company Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam.

“I’m making this move because Novamedia appeals to me as an organisation, with its combination of a commercial approach and its commitment to social interests,” says Petra Lubbers. “In my new role, I’ll be striving to make the publishing division flourish and, most of all, to also get people to read more. Because reading enriches and connects people.”

Boudewijn Poelmann, CEO of Novamedia, is looking forward to Petra’s arrival. “We’re proud and happy that Petra has decided to commit herself to Novamedia and ECI,” he says, “particularly in view of her experience in the book industry. From her previous jobs – including her recent post as Director Books & Entertainment at bol.com – she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of bookshops in the Netherlands and abroad.”

About Novamedia
Novamedia is a media and marketing company with a social mission. It firmly believes that the world benefits from strong social organisations. Novamedia wants to contribute to a better world through charity lotteries, media and publishing activities. It is the creator and owner of various brands and lottery formats, including the Postcode Lottery. Postcode lotteries have now also been set up in Sweden and Great Britain. Up to and including 2015, Novamedia’s lottery formats raised a total amount of more than €7 Billion that has been donated to thousands of charities and social initiatives worldwide.
In addition to this, Novamedia has a passion for the connecting and enriching power of reading and is active in book-selling and publishing. It owns the online bookshop ECI, the Scheltema bookstore in Amsterdam and the publishing company Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam, which consists of the publishers Bas Lubberhuizen, Fontaine Uitgevers, Nieuw Amsterdam and Wereldbibliotheek.

Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam, consisting of the publishers Bas Lubberhuizen, Fontaine Uitgevers, Nieuw Amsterdam and Wereldbibliotheek, focuses on the market for serious readers. The publishing company Bas Lubberhuizen is chiefly devoted to publishing works on Amsterdam, history and photography. It also publishes the literary journal De Parelduiker. Fontaine Uitgevers focuses on gastronomy, history, science, technology and nature. Best-selling authors in its portfolio are Yotam Ottolenghi, Yvette van Boven and Govert Schilling. Nieuw Amsterdam has a wide list that includes literature in Dutch and translation, culture, cookery, sport, crime and history, with successful authors such as Pieter Steinz, Thomas Verbogt and Karin Luiten. On 6 October, Nieuw Amsterdam will publish the autobiography of Johan Cruijff. Wereldbibliotheek has been a general publisher of high-quality literature and non-fiction since 1905. Its list ranges from Isabel Allende to Thomas Mann, and from history and philosophy to politics and psychology.

Scheltema has been in existence for more than 160 years and today is the biggest bookshop in the Netherlands. The shop offers a very wide range of books, periodicals and expert advice. Since it was founded, Scheltema has been the object of many mergers and takeovers, including those involving Selexyz and Polare. Novamedia restarted Scheltema in 2014, re-establishing the bookshop as an icon of the city of Amsterdam.

ECI was founded in 1967 to stimulate reading in the Netherlands, and was restarted in 2014 with the help of Novamedia. ECI works according to the conviction that reading books enriches, connects and helps to make the world a more beautiful place. Since 2014, ECI has been transformed into the leading online bookshop where everyone can buy an individual book without commitments and in an easy way. ECI employs true book-lovers who, together with specialist readers, help readers to find their next favourite book. Moreover, loyal customers are rewarded with a 20% discount.