Acquisitions expected; Susan Smit and Arthur Japin ambassadors.

As of 1 March, eci will continue as BookSpot. The change in name is a consequence of all changes that have taken place and will take place at eci. and want to become the place of choice where everything focuses on books.

The direct cause for the name change is reputation improvement. So far, eci has made too little progress in achieving its goal of becoming the leading book authority in the Netherlands and Flanders, both online and offline.

Acquisitions by and co-operation with other parties to realise this goal are expected.

Authors Susan Smit and Arthur Japin will be ambassadors for BookSpot as of 1 March. They will be the face of BookSpot in the Netherlands.
Discussions on this subject are also taking place with Flemish authors in Belgium.

Big ambitions
Boudewijn Poelmann, CEO of Novamedia, which is the organisation behind BookSpot, had this to say: “This new name marks the completion of the first phase of the new plans. Eci currently has 200,000 customers and is still cherished by nearly 100,000 members. But the organisation was hampered by the disadvantages of the name: Eci is still frequently associated with how it used to be. There has been regular research into improving the reputation of eci. This went too slowly, and the final verdict was in favour of a new name. A lot is going to change. We are bursting with the ambition to make reading as attractive as possible.”

Improvements: easy selection and 20% discount for members and loyal customers
Since the reboot of eci in 2014, a number of much-needed improvements have been implemented:

  • customers can now buy books without obligations,
  • delivery is within 24 hours,
  • up-to-date, easy payment, and
  • members and loyal customers receive a 20% discount.

BookSpot will further specialise in advice and inspiration. Improvements that will soon follow include:

  • a better experience per genre, 
  • personalisation of reading preferences, and 
  • a further expansion of the range of books from 730,000 titles to 2 million.

Mission: to stimulate reading
BookSpot is part of Novamedia, a social enterprise whose work is based on its mission to help create a better world, and is best known for its six Charity Lotteries in four countries. Encouraging the connecting and enriching power of reading is also part of its mission. It has been proven that reading books makes people smarter, more empathetic, and happier.

Eci was founded in 1967 to promote reading, and BookSpot wants to continue this mission and ensure that more people enjoy reading books. We are certain that the world will become a better, more understanding and happier place when more people read. The Netherlands Institute for Social Research recently demonstrated that there has been a decline in time spent reading by Dutch people since the 1950s.

About Novamedia
Novamedia is the owner of eci / BookSpot. It acquired eci in 2014 following the book club’s bankruptcy. At the time, the reason for the takeover was the same as today’s mission: to promote reading among all levels of the population. Novamedia wants to contribute to a better world through charity lotteries, media, and publishing activities.

Novamedia has a passion for the connecting and enriching power of reading, and is active in the book and publishing field. In addition to BookSpot, it also owns the Netherlands’ largest bookstore, Scheltema in Amsterdam, and Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam, which consists of the publishers Bas Lubberhuizen, Fontaine Uitgevers, Nieuw Amsterdam and Wereldbibliotheek.

In addition, Novamedia is the inventor and owner of various brands and lottery formats, including the Dutch Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands. Postcode Lotteries have since been established in Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. Up to and including 2016, Novamedia’s lottery formats have led to a total of almost €8 billion being donated to thousands of charities and social initiatives worldwide. Novamedia\Postcode Lotteries is the third largest private donor in the world, and the largest fundraiser in the world. Last month, the number of players crossed the magic threshold of 10 million. Together, they played for a total stake of €1.7 billion last year.