Social enterprise Novamedia has acquired the publisher Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam from Sauer Nederland Holding BV and Cella Media BV, which both held a 50% interest in the company. Nieuw Amsterdam recently expanded through the purchase of publisher Uitgeverij Wereldbibliotheek. Novamedia bases its work on a vision that the world benefits from strong social organisations and well-informed citizens. The acquisition of ECI and Nieuw Amsterdam, which will continue as an independent publishing house, fits this vision perfectly.

Novamedia regards its association with Nieuw Amsterdam/Wereldbibliotheek and ECI as a combination of strengths: a publishing company, webshop and book club uniting with Novamedia’s knowledge of databases and approaching customers.

“Novamedia undertakes activities in the publishing field in order to contribute to a well-informed citizenry through reading,” says Boudewijn Poelmann, Director of Novamedia. “Knowledge and information, and reading books, both inspire and contribute to human development. This new joint venture offers enormous potential.”

The right moment
With the recent addition of Wereldbibliotheek to Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam, these publishing houses exactly match Novamedia’s social mission. Cella Media BV and Sauer Nederland Holding BV, the founders of Nieuw Amsterdam, both consider that this acquisition came at the right moment. Cella Media BV and Sauer Nederland Holding BV have invested a lot of money in Nieuw Amsterdam. They are forgoing any claims against the company; only the assets and liabilities are being taken over by Novamedia. Derk Sauer of Sauer Nederland Holding BV and Boudewijn Poelmann and Annemiek Hoogenboom of Cella Media BV will remain involved in Nieuw Amsterdam as members of the Supervisory Board.

Lidewijde Paris, Director of Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam and Wereldbibliotheek, sees a clear advantage in the acquisition. “As publishing companies, we can learn a lot from Novamedia’s knowledge and experience. The people at Novamedia are very skilful and we can see their focus and involvement with their social mission. Novamedia can help us to get to know our readers better and serve them better. With the breadth of Wereldbibliotheek, the knowledge of Novamedia and ECI as a partner, Nieuw Amsterdam can achieve great things.”

About Nieuw Amsterdam
Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam was founded in 2005. The publishing company focuses on the serious reading public and, more specifically, on the fields of literature, culture in the widest sense, science and society. By collaborating with various institutions and partners, Nieuw Amsterdam positions itself in a multimedia environment encompassing paper books, ebooks and apps. Now, one of the youngest and one of the oldest publishing companies in the Netherlands are going to collaborate intensively to enhance their effectiveness and possibilities in the current economic situation.