In the first half of 2015, after 30 years on the Koningsplein, bookshop Scheltema will be moving to Rokin 9-15 near the exit from the future North-South metro line. There it will become part of the “red carpet” – the new entrance to the city of Amsterdam. Today, the bookshop has signed a rental agreement with investor and developer the EMMES Group, that owns the building.

More than just a bookshop
“Scheltema has been on the rise since it was saved by Novamedia earlier this year,” says Harold Zwaal, managing director of Scheltema. “Because the current tenancy agreement was definitely coming to an end, we had to go in search of a place that was just as easy for every book-lover to find and also provided enough space for our huge stock. This building dates from 1911. We’re going to renovate it sustainably with a view to preserving its historic value. Apart from providing the biggest assortment of books in Amsterdam, we want to create a place where you can find a quiet place to work, read a book, or even get something to eat or drink. We’ll also continue to hold events to bring books more to the public’s attention.”

Back to where it all began
This move will take Scheltema back to the place where the company started. On 6 June 1853, the founder J.H. Scheltema opened a bookshop on the corner of the Beurssteeg and the Kromelleboogsteeg, which was later called Rokin. By 1885, the shop had already been at Rokin 74-76 for a number of years. The new Scheltema shop at Rokin 9-15 – named ‘the Rose’ after the art dealer and auctioneer C.F. Roos & Co that was once located there – is immediately adjacent to the future Marks & Spencer on the corner of Rokin and Nes. At the moment, Rokin is undergoing a major renovation with the aim of creating a “red carpet” shopping district. Part of this plan is a wide pedestrian area with trees and cafes.