Frank Leeman (1 February 1949), co-founder of our Postcode Lotteries, suffered a heart attack and passed away last Sunday. Despite Frank's ailing health in recent years, his passing was unexpected. He stepped down from his active role on the Management Board of Novamedia and the Postcode Lotteries in December 2012 due to his health.

He nonetheless remained active and involved. For example, he continued to give Master Classes in Marketing for the Lottery Academy, contributed actively towards the campaigns for all our Postcode Lotteries and he was always present at the Charity Gala’s.

Frank was the life and soul of our organisation. His unbridled, energetic spirit ruled until the end. He was our top marketer, the driving commercial force behind the success of the Lotteries. Alongside Boudewijn, Frank was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in September 2012, due to ‘his commitment to good causes in combination with innovative entrepreneurship and leadership’.