Novamedia is the creator and owner of the Postcode Lottery format. The Dutch Postcode Lottery (Nationale Postcode Loterij) was launched in 1989 to raise money for charity organisations that work to create a fairer, greener world.

In the Netherlands Novamedia operates two other lotteries besides the Postcode Lottery: The FriendsLottery and the BankGiro Lottery, launched in 1998 and 2002 respectively. The three lotteries share the same parent company (Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen NV)

The three Dutch lotteries share the same parent company (Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen NV).

logos 03Created as Novamedia's first charity lottery in 1989, the Nationale Postcode Loterij has become the Netherlands' largest charity lottery, supporting more than 123 organisations in the fields of nature and the environment, development cooperation, human rights and social cohesion. Since its launch in 1989, the lottery has paid out more than 6.2 billion euros to its beneficiaries.

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logos 05The BankGiro Lottery supports charities that work to promote culture and preserve cultural heritage in the Netherlands and is the culture lottery in the Netherlands.

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FriendsLotteryVriendenLoterij supports charities that work to promote health and wellbeing. The members of the lottery can also support clubs and associations of their choice.

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The Supervisory Board of the Holding supervises the management of the holding company and entrusts to it the day-to-day running of the Dutch Charity Lotteries. Dorine Manson, Daan Peters and Lennaert Kuijpers are the Managing Directors of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.