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Svenska Postkodlotteriet
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Klarabergsviadukten 63
111 64 Stockholm, Sweden

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P.O. Box 193
101 23 Stockholm,  Sweden
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Introducing Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Swedish Postcode Lottery combines a strong business concept with a social ambition. Responsibility for these two facets is shared between Novamedia Sverige AB and The Swedish Postcode Association. Our mission is to prove that there is no contradiction between business profitability and long term social sustainability. They both represent important preconditions for success.

The Swedish Gaming Board

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the authority that ensure the legality, safety and reliability of the Swedish gaming and gambling market.

They aim to provide consumers with the tools needed for fair gaming by maintaining a transparent and balanced gaming market in addition to reducing the potentially harmful social effects which gambling may entail.

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Television shows

The results of the draws are announced during the popular television game shows 'PostkodMiljonären' (The Postcode Millionaire) and 'En ska bort' (Odd one out) on TV4, the largest commercial TV channel in Sweden. The Postcode Millionaire has nearly one Million viewers every week.

Postcode Lottery format

svenska ticketThe Swedish Lottery is based on the same format as the other Postcode Lotteries, where the postcode is the basis of the lottery number.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery operates on the Swedish regulated gambling market. The business is run on a commercial basis by Novamedia Sverige AB, which holds the commercial risk and provides the capital required for operating the Lottery.

Novamedia Sverige AB operates the Swedish Postcode Lottery on the basis of a contract concluded with the Swedish Postcode Association. All beneficiaries of the Lottery are members of the Association.

The Board of the Association is composed of leading representatives from society and consists of six members and the lottery manager, Cecilia Bergendal, is an adjunct to the Board. Based on recommendations from the Lottery’s Charity Department, the Board decides on the addition of new beneficiaries as well as how the proceeds are to be distributed between the beneficiaries.

A lottery ticket costs 170 Swedish kronor per month, which is approximately 17 euros.

Figures for 2019 Swedish Postcode Lottery

Players:  954,352
Tickets: 1,741,441
Prizes: 3,311,643
Charities: 57
Revenue: € 341.2 million
To charities 2016: € 96.9 million
Total to charities to date: € 1.2 billion

The Swedish Postcode Lottery started in September 2005 and has since become very popular with the Swedes. The Swedish Postcode Lottery raised over 96.9 Million euros for charities in 2019.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery started in 2005, following three years of preparation, and has evolved from the up-coming competitor to its current position of leading private lottery of Sweden with nearly one Million customers buying 1.7 Million tickets. The amount of money given to charities by the Swedish Postcode Lottery depends on the number of lottery tickets sold. In 2019, over 17 Million lottery tickets was sold. 31.8% percent of the proceeds, over 96 Million euros, went to the 57 beneficiaries in 2019. Since the start in 2005 the Lottery has generated more than 1.2 billion euros for charities and other good causes.

Allocations 2018 - Swedish Postcode Lottery (PDF)

Rickard Sjoberg

 Putte Nelsson

Rickard Sjöberg
TV host of The Postcode
Millionaire and Odd one out

"The Grannyror is like Christmas for me. It is thrilling to stand face to face with a person when his or her life takes a big new positive turn.”

Putte Nelsson
TV presenter, artist and pianist

“The most memorable prize I have presented was to Bosse and Bibi who had lost their house and all their belongings in a fire a couple of years back. It felt really good to hand them the golden envelope!” 
 sandra dahlberg Christian Kicken Lundqvist 

Sandra Dahlberg
TV presenter, artist and singer

“I really enjoyed giving Märta from Gotland her postcode street prize. She was genially happy and was now able to retire. She ended up winning 37 Million Swedish kronor in Grannyran.”

Christian ‘Kicken’ Lundqvist
TV presenter, artist and Bingo chat host

 “I really enjoy my work. Meeting happy winners all over Sweden, from north to south, is heartwarming. It makes me feel like a winner too.”


MDSE 2018Anders Årbrandt and Eva Struving, are the Managing Directors of the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

"We are extremely proud that the Swedish Postcode Lottery has generated over 1.2 Billion euros to our beneficiaries since the beginning of 2005. This illustrates the strength of The Postcode Lottery concept." - Anders Årbrandt & Eva Struving, Managing Directors of the Swedish Postcode Lottery