How we live our mission

Good Operations

We exist to run charity lotteries to raise funds for good causes. As a social enterprise in heart and soul, we also strive to operate in a responsible, sustainable way. Working from our vision, mission and core values plus our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, we’ve developed the Good Operations agenda. It sets out our ambitions and directs our efforts. The agenda focuses on three areas: Planet, People and Openness. We’ve formulated specific, ambitious objectives within each.

To allow for local flexibility and assure alignment with local circumstances, every Postcode Lottery organisation reports separately on its annual progress with respect to each of the Good Operations objectives. Each Lottery transparently discloses its progress according to the GRI sustainability reporting standards, and we ask our accountant to audit our disclosure.


We aim to make the world a better place by raising funds for social organisations worldwide and increasing awareness of their work.

How we live our mission

Good Operations

icon peoplePEOPLE:

Resillient societies and people form the basis for further development and growth.

icon peoplePLANET:

Only by conserving and protecting the earth’s resources and ecosystems can we ensure a sustainable and fair use of our natural resources.

icon peopleOPENNESS:

Our mission commits us to organising our charity lotteries in a responsible way and communicating in an open and balanced manner, providing stakeholders with an unbiased picture of our performance and societal impact.

The Good Operations agenda

Enable work by beneficiaries through charitable contributions

  • We communicate transparently about how we allocate funds.


Work with sustainable, socially responsible partners

  • We purchase non-cash prizes from suppliers who run sustainable, socially responsible operations.
  • We work with local suppliers.
  • We request our suppliers to commit to our Code of Conduct.

Create a positive impact on the planet through our operations

  • We strive to reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • We purchase green electricity produced locally.
  • We generate our own renewable energy.

Keep our operations responsible

  • We tolerate zero errors in draws and payment of prizes.
  • We minimise risks to customer privacy and data by monitoring technological innovations and developments.
  • We train staff in relevant laws and regulations.
  • We communicate openly in case of incidents.
  • We ensure fair and safe participation to protect players from the adverse consequences of online gaming.

Responsible campaigning 

  • We aim for zero upheld complaints regarding commercial communications.
  • We transparently disclose any upheld complaints.

Engage in good employment practices

  • Our guideline is 50 percent diversity at the top!
  • We aim for a diverse workforce throughout the organisation
  • We advocate equal treatment regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • We consult staff on how they perceive our organisation as an employer.

Code of Conduct for Responsible Play