Managing Directors of the Dutch Postcode Lottery

Marieke van Schaik, Imme Rog and Michiel Verboven manage the day-to-day business of the Charity Lotteries in the Netherlands.

Managing Director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

After taking a degree in International Relations, Marieke van Schaik (1970) started her career in 1995 as a Project Manager at the DOEN Foundation. In 1999, she joined the Dutch Postcode Lottery where she worked in various positions in the Charity Department before becoming head of the department in 2006. In this post, she was one of the initiators of the annual international competition for social innovators and entrepreneurs – the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. She was appointed Managing Director in 2009. Marieke van Schaik is chair of the Managing Directors and is responsible for Licenses and Regulations, Risk Management, Charities, Accommodation, HR and Internal and External communications. She is a consultant to the Elders Foundation and the Roosevelt Foundation and a member of the board of Foundation Center.

Imme Rog

Managing Director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

After graduating in Modern Literature from Amsterdam University, Imme Rog (1967) started her career in the world of television in 1996 as an account manager at NOB/Dutchview. In 2000, she joined the Charity Lotteries where, after a short period as marketing manager of the Sponsor Bingo Lottery (now the FriendsLottery), she progressed via Head of TV and Internet to become Media Director, later followed by Deputy Managing Director. Imme was appointed Managing Director in 2009. In this post, she is responsible for the marketing of the Dutch Postcode Lottery and the FriendsLottery and for the departments Television & Events, Retention & Intelligence/Marketing Services and Creation.
In 2011, Imme Rog’s marketing efforts were rewarded with the title ‘Marketer of the Year’. She won this title because, in the jury’s report, “she has managed to turn the three lotteries into well-oiled machines. With a strategy focussing on innovation, efficiency and the marketing mix as a whole, she has succeeded in achieving excellent results in a declining market”. Since January 2015, Imme Rog has been chair of Sire (Ideal Advertising Foundation), of which she has been a board member since 2014.

Michiel Verboven

Managing Director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

After graduation from the Haarlem Business School, Michiel Verboven (1976) started his career in 2000 at Endemol as an account manager. It was here that he also got to know the Charity Lotteries, where he started to work in 2002 as a Marketing employee for the Sponsor Bingo Lottery (now the FriendsLottery). This was followed by the posts of Head of Marketing at the Sponsor Bingo Lottery in 2007 and, three years later, Head of Marketing & Internet at the Dutch Postcode Lottery. In 2013, he swapped this job for that of Managing Director of the Charity Lotteries. In his present post, Michiel Verboven is responsible within the Charity Lotteries for the departments Data Service, Call Centre, Finance, Legal and Online Marketing Innovation. He is also responsible for the Marketing of the BankGiro Lottery. Making the lotteries future-proof is a major spearhead of his job package and an intrinsic motivation.