dplIntroducing Norwegian Postcode Lottery

The Norwegian Postcode Lottery combines a strong business concept with a social ambition. Our mission is to prove that there is no contradiction between business profitability and long-term social sustainability. They both represent important preconditions for success.

The surplus from the lottery is donated to the charity organizations SOS Barnebyer and WWF Norge. The organizations receive 50 percent after paid out prizes.

The Norwegian Gambling Authority

The Norwegian Gambling Authority is the regulatory authority that ensures the legality, safety and reliability of the Norwegian gaming and gambling market.

They aim to provide consumers with the tools needed for fair gaming by maintaining a transparent and balanced gaming market in addition to reducing the potentially harmful social effects which gambling may entail.

Postcode Lottery format

The Norwegian lottery is based on the same format as the other Postcode Lotteries, where the postcode is the basis of the lottery number.


The Norwegian lottery market was re-regulated in 2015 and five licenses were made available for charity lotteries. This made it possible for the Postcode Lottery to enter the market. The licenses are valid for nine years and one of them is held by SOS Barnebyer and WWF Norway. This gives them the right to market Postcode Lottery in Norway.

The license comes with very clear demands regarding turn-over and marketing; the turnover is limited to MNOK 300 on a yearly basis and the marketing investments are limited to 15 percent of the turnover after paid out prizes.

The Norwegian Postcode Lottery operates on the Norwegian regulated gambling market. The business is run on a commercial basis by Novamedia Norsk Postkodelotteri AS, which holds the commercial risk and provides the capital required for operating the Lottery.

Novamedia Norsk Postkodelotteri AS operates the Norwegian Postcode Lottery on the basis of a contract concluded with WWF Norge and SOS Barnebyer.

A lottery ticket costs 200 NOK per month, which is approximately 20 euros.


Jorun Stiansen

Jorun Stiansen
Singer and artist. Winner of the Norwegian version of Idol in 2005.

The Norwegian Postcode Lottery will be launched in Norway during the autumn 2018. The lottery supports SOS Barnebyer and WWF Norge by donating 50% of its turn-over after paid out prizes. Novamedia is carrying all the risks and expenses associated with getting this charity lottery off the ground. The charity lottery permit is governed by numerous obligations and restrictions. For example, size limits for the main prize per ticket and draw (max. MNOK 2), restrictions regarding total turnover (maximum MNOK 300) and marketing investments (maximum 15 percent of the turnover after paid out prizes). The Norwegian Gambling Authority is the control body.