Rickard Sjoberg

 Putte Nelsson

Rickard Sjöberg
TV host of The Postcode
Millionaire and Odd one out

"The Grannyror is like Christmas for me. It is thrilling to stand face to face with a person when his or her life takes a big new positive turn.”

Putte Nelsson
TV presenter, artist and pianist

“The most memorable prize I have presented was to Bosse and Bibi who had lost their house and all their belongings in a fire a couple of years back. It felt really good to hand them the golden envelope!” 
 sandra dahlberg Christian Kicken Lundqvist 

Sandra Dahlberg
TV presenter, artist and singer

“I really enjoyed giving Märta from Gotland her postcode street prize. She was genially happy and was now able to retire. She ended up winning 37 Million Swedish kronor in Grannyran.”

Christian ‘Kicken’ Lundqvist
TV presenter, artist and Bingo chat host

 “I really enjoy my work. Meeting happy winners all over Sweden, from north to south, is heartwarming. It makes me feel like a winner too.”