Figures for 2018 Swedish Postcode Lottery

Players:  944,477
Tickets: 1,728,765
Prizes: 3,311,643
Charities: 56
Revenue: € 345.7 million
To charities 2016: € 92.8 million
Total to charities to date: € 1 011.7 million

The Swedish Postcode Lottery started in September 2005 and has since become very popular with the Swedes. The Swedish Postcode Lottery raised over 92 Million euros for charities in 2018.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery started in 2005, following three years of preparation, and has evolved from the up-coming competitor to its current position of leading private lottery of Sweden with nearly one Million customers buying 1.7 Million tickets. The amount of money given to charities by the Swedish Postcode Lottery depends on the number of lottery tickets sold. In 2018, over 17 Million lottery tickets was sold. 27 percent of the proceeds, over 92 Million euros, went to the 56 beneficiaries in 2019. Since the start in 2005 the Lottery has generated more than 1.000 Million euros for charities and other good causes.

Allocations 2018 - Swedish Postcode Lottery (PDF)