Postcode Lottery format

svenska ticketThe Swedish Lottery is based on the same format as the other Postcode Lotteries, where the postcode is the basis of the lottery number.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery operates on the Swedish regulated gambling market. The business is run on a commercial basis by Novamedia Sverige AB, which holds the commercial risk and provides the capital required for operating the Lottery.

Novamedia Sverige AB operates the Swedish Postcode Lottery on the basis of a contract concluded with the Swedish Postcode Association. All beneficiaries of the Lottery are members of the Association.

The Board of the Association is composed of leading representatives from society and consists of six members and the lottery manager, Cecilia Bergendal, is an adjunct to the Board. Based on recommendations from the Lottery’s Charity Department, the Board decides on the addition of new beneficiaries as well as how the proceeds are to be distributed between the beneficiaries.

A lottery ticket costs 170 Swedish kronor per month, which is approximately 17 euros.